It’s a Let’s Color Our World Party!!


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Join me for color-filled fun!

Here’s our party plan…



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What others are saying about Let’s Color Our World parties:

Courtney and I enjoyed our first coloring party. I loved the videos with different coloring techniques. The best part of all was the “Me Time” I made time for. My daughter Courtney and I colored together and I colored alone. This was the most relaxing thing I did this summer besides watching Hallmark movies. I officially start back to school on Wednesday. So glad Annette encouraged time for kicking back and having fun. I can’t wait for the one page party next month.

Beth Henderson

I loved Annette’s coloring party. She was the perfect hostess and we had a lot of fun. Giveaways, coloring pages, learning new coloring techniques and more! I hope she does this again and if she does, make sure to join in on the FUN!!!

Shelley Hitz

What a wonderful Coloring Party! Annette is a fun party host and taught us three new coloring techniques — scrumbling, cross-hatching, and stippling. She showed us on YouTube how these techniques worked and inspired me to use multiple colors together on those techniques. The pictures were fun and inspiring at the same time. I loved coloring them. Party on!

Julie Hedgepeth Williams

I loved being a part of this coloring challenge party and learning different coloring techniques and fully enjoyed it so much and loved learning and loved expressing my love for coloring, for my creativity in new avenues and would love to join in more coloring parties.

Lisa Howard Colpo

Annette hosted a fabulous coloring party. She is such a generous and fun hostess and taught us 3 coloring techniques I had never heard of. It was so nice to just set aside time for me to just relax and color. Coloring is one of my favorite pass times. I’m so excited to have had this sneak peek of Annette’s new coloring book, OH How The Years Fly By, and I look forward to its release! If you have an opportunity to participate in a coloring party with Annette, do it!

Casey Cother

Had a great time letting my inner child out! Annette is AN AMAZING leader and I learned alot from her! If you get a chance, join her party!

Terri Vincent


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"No spam guarantee! I hate spam as much as you do and promise to never sell or rent your email address to anyone!"